from the grammar of the country Davon

The installation from the grammar of the country Davon consists of over 200 grey textile elements that are spread on the floor of the gallery space. Their shapes are taken from all the countries and islands that are marked in a map titled The World, published by the United Nations Organisation in 2012 . The textile elements, all of them nameless, can be recognized by shape or stay anonymous, be organized or disordered. All gallery visitors were invited to play with these elements and re-arrange them. From their individual patterns of place and gap new maps of the world were designed. This playful method is also addressed in the title of the work; the country Davon has a special characteristic: It lies as far east as it lies west and can neither be found north nor south. Only in Gerhard Roth's autobiography The Alphabet of Time it is appearing. There, Roth tells his readers how he as a child together with his grandmother fabricated fantastic maps. They filled their maps without further ado with their wishes. A map was developed where Austria is located next to Spain, in natural neighbourhood to the Austrian Sea.

interactive installation, 2012, created for the international art festival WEYA, Nottingham / UK